War Stories Part 3 – Post by Jonathan Trigg

Fascinating post on one of my favorite history of archaeology blogs. If you have any comments or suggestions for Jonathan, please go over to the main post and post your thoughts!

HARN Weblog

Here’s a real treat for you all, a long, detailed and fascinating post by Jonathan, he writes:

There have been a number of occasions over the past couple of months where I have found myself suitably inspired to think about actually writing something in response to previous blogs, but now seems to have been the first time that I have been able to put pen to paper (or whatever the laptop-friendly equivalent is…). With luck there’ll be more to come, but for now (and given that we are in the centenary year of the outbreak of the so-called “war to end all wars”), I thought that this would be the most important to start with (and with thanks to Julia for bringing this important subject up, and also for flagging up how useful this blog is as a resource for sharing research).

To me it seems that there are three…

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