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Archaeology in Film Part 1: Who’s Been Polishing the Sun?

I’ve been doing research on a new project.  It’s mostly new, even though the ideas have been milling about in my head for about 5 years.  With the first book done, and the child born and into toddlerhood, I can … Continue reading

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The History of Archaeology in Action, or, In Which “X” May Actually Mark The Spot

First, thanks to Shereif Nasr, Chris Naunton, and Meegan Neeb for helping in my adventure. When I was in Cairo in September, not only was I doing research for a new project, I was also having fun.  How can you … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Citations: A Resolution from Broadly/Vice

I had planned on blogging about the resolution to the problem presented in my previous post when I had information, so here it is.  The UK editor of Broadly/Vice also asked me to do this, to rectify the situation, and … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Citations and the Third-Wave Feminist and Scholar who Really Wrote Them

*Important edit–this problem has had a resolution.  Please see my blog post from 4 November for details.  Thank you everyone! I had a fun blog post prepared about following a map where X marked the spot and finding a lost … Continue reading

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