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The Forgotten Citations and the Third-Wave Feminist and Scholar who Really Wrote Them

*Important edit–this problem has had a resolution.  Please see my blog post from 4 November for details.  Thank you everyone! I had a fun blog post prepared about following a map where X marked the spot and finding a lost … Continue reading

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Margaret Murray: Outside UCL, Part 1

As many of you know, once you think you’re finished with a project, more and more material comes in.  It’s pretty fun, and thankfully we have outlets, such as blogs, to continue the work.  While attending the HARN conference in … Continue reading

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MORE Found Letters!

After the post from yesterday about the Murray-Breasted letters, a friend and colleague, Amara Thornton at UCL, wrote to me about her finding recipes from Murray to Gerald Lankester Harding in Harding’s correspondence collections.  See her blog post here, where … Continue reading

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Found letters!

When working on a longer project, we all have the problem of what to put in and what to keep out.  When I was working on the biography of Margaret Murray, I found that she did not save many of … Continue reading

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My first book!

I’m not going to do a big long post about what’s been going on in my world since like 2 years ago.  Quick update: got married, moved to Missouri, working at a great place with great people and LOVE my … Continue reading

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