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Advanced Degree in Packing and Shipping Freight

Moving to Egypt, at first blush, sounds glamorous, exotic and most of all FUN! Don’t be fooled!!  When I got the 15 page instruction packet on how to organize, pack, list, value, label for customs, and finally ship my freight … Continue reading

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Learning Arabic

So, since I’m moving to Egypt I thought learning Arabic would be a great idea.  My sister was even generous enough to get me Rosetta Stone for Arabic!  I’ve been through about 4-5 hours of it so far.  Not enough … Continue reading

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Movin’ on up…to the Middle East side!

So, I just came up with that title about 2 seconds ago.  It’s so hokey even I’m groaning over here.  Anyway, I’ve finally gotten news on a few things and figured out some things as well!  This post is a … Continue reading

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