Verulamium – The Musical!

Film and archaeology–any tips on sources??

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The last two posts about crowdfunding archaeology and the news of the Gertrude Bell documentary mean I’ve carried on thinking about archaeology films. Still not Indiana Jones, although I can easily be distracted should anyone wish to have an Indiana Jones conversation. I’m particularly fond of the Lego Indiana Jones film sections on the DS games my son plays,

Image from Image from

but that is completely by-the-by – as I said, I’m easily distracted. Although, as an aside to the aside, that’s the first image I’ve posted for ages. No, I’m thinking of the films of Sutton Hoo (and wasn’t there news a few years back that the British Museum had a cine film shot by Phillips or a member of his family?) the clearing of Tutankhamun’s grave, Wheeler’s Verulamium excavations*, as well as oddities such as this, the surviving film of Animal Vegetable, Mineral  and…

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