Well? I really do want to know–how do you choose?

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(Apologies in advance for the stream-of-consciousness that follows.  Thoughts are flowing thanks to a project I’m working on.)

Many of us, as historians of archaeology, have various points of interest but we usually tend to narrow down our fields into time periods, practical field methods, areas of study, institutions, collections, people, and more.  I, for example, am interested in British Egyptology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  There are loads of characters in that period and field.

Don't these guys look like a barrel of laughs? (Image from Don’t these guys look like a barrel of laughs? (Image from

No, really.  As I read through the biographies of many of these people–men and women alike–their lives really are full of adventure (unlike Margaret Murray famously claimed).  Amelia Edwards decided to escape rainy Europe and found herself taking a journey up the Nile River, pretty much on a whim.  The Petrie camp was shot at during the 1904-05 season. …

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