Review of Brian Fagan’s _The Rape of the Nile_ (2004)

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Brian Fagan, The Rape of the Nile: Tomb Robbers, Tourists, and Archaeologists in Egypt. Revised and updated edition. Cambridge, Mass.: Westview Press, 2004.

(Author’s note: I know this book is 10 years old.  I needed it for a course, and realized that there are still quite a few issues with the newer text.)

The most recent edition of Fagan’s (in)famous book about the history of Egyptology is an attempt to revise and update much of the information contained in the first two editions—the first, which came out in 1975, and the second, which was reprinted without updates in 1992.  As Fagan himself states, a lot has happened in the history of Egyptology since 1975.  This newer edition, albeit 10 years old at this point, does indeed correct many errors Fagan had made in the first edition but it still leaves out a great many people, places, and events.  His book…

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