Tatiana Passek: the Soviet Union’s most successful female archaeologist

As I’m waiting on some permissions to publish my next entry, I’d like to share a very interesting Soviet archaeologist. She is famous in Russia and has the stats to back that fame up!

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Today’s treat is the article Olga Sveshnikova has just published in Antiquity . Remember if you have information for the Antiquity Project Gallery to send it to Kate for formatting and submitting to Antiquity. Either send it to Kate at HARNgroup@googlemail.com or kathleen.l.sheppard@gmail.com

Portrait of Tatiana Passek Portrait of Tatiana Passek

Many women were involved professionally in Soviet archaeology, but usually as auxiliary personnel, rarely progressing up the career ladder beyond the position of research assistant. Occasionally, however, women managed to become expedition leaders and a few women were awarded doctoral degrees. Examples of women taking senior positions in academic institutions or periodicals were extremely rare. The great Soviet encyclopedia (Prokhorov 1978: 322a)—the most comprehensive reference encyclopedia of the Soviet Union—listed 30 archaeologists but only one of them was female: Tatiana Sergeevna Passek.

Passek was the principal specialist in the study of the Neolithic–Eneolithic Tripolye culture which extended across large parts of modern-day Ukraine…

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