Spring Cleaning

HARN Weblog

I’ve finally got around to updating the blog links – see Member Sites on the sidebar – my enthusiasm for tidying up never lasts long but this area of HARN towers is now clean and sparkly. (I wish I could say the same for my desk, I’d photograph it for you but it’s just too shameful, and if I got up to find the camera I’d come back to find one of the cats had stolen my chair and another would be sprawled across the keyboard.)

We have some new blogs: Amara Thornton is blogging here http://www.readingroomnotes.com/notes, I particularly enjoyed her post about where archaeologists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries bought their excavation supplies  http://www.readingroomnotes.com/notes/shopping-to-dig-or-excavating-the-high-street

Gabe Moshenska can be found here (well, not literally, his writing rather than himself, obviously!)  http://gasmasquerade.wordpress.com/ He’s writing about all sorts of things, from Thomas Pettigrew to cartoons of Mortimer Wheeler and…

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