Restarting the Blog

I like blogging.  I’ve been following a few academics’ blogs lately and been missing this one.  But I worried that I wouldn’t be able to restart under the Post-Doc title.

Today I found this article that reassured me that I could restart this blog under the same title.  The article assures me that the tenure-track is simply a 7-year post-doc position and I should be enjoying it.  So, I’ll be picking this blog up after a 2.5 year hiatus, but I will be catching up on all I’ve missed since April of 2011.  Revolution, moving to Missouri, getting married, writing a book, becoming a triathlete, making friends, and more.

Life in MO isn’t as “exotic” as life in Cairo, but it is really fun!  I hope to make these posts worthwhile to all kinds of readers: friends, family, colleagues and more.

New posts coming soon!!

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1 Response to Restarting the Blog

  1. Julie says:

    Glad you are back at it! Looking forward to new posts!

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