Christmastime! In April…

As I sit here in my apartment in Cairo, seeing the sunshine, the palm trees, the sand and dust, and listening to the bustle just outside–if you can call it “bustle” here in the ‘burbs–I am also getting ready to post some wonderful memories from Christmas in Germany with our wonderful friends, Chris and Franny, and their two adorable kids, Carson and Kennedy.  It was an amazing trip that ended too soon, but got to be extended a bit by a revolution (more about that later).

We were off for 6 weeks for the winter break here at AUC, the longest winter break I’ve ever had, and I enjoyed every minute of it!  I got to run in the snow most days–

Beautiful path

It was always gorgeous out!  Green on the evergreen trees and the snow covering farms, fields and cute German houses was so amazing to see.  The snow in the picture fell two days before.  I tried to run while it was snowing, but it wasn’t that romantic, big flakes coming down slowly type of snow.  It was absolute white-out conditions, and I honestly feared I’d get lost for not being able to see.  Then I would die.  I only made it a mile out, then had to turn back.  I also slipped and fell twice, in two consecutive runs, in the same spot on the run.  The first time, I knew it was coming and I was powerless to stop it.  The second time, I thought, “Don’t fall here…” but I did anyway.

I thought being away from my family and Danny for Christmas was going to be terrible–and it was, in some ways.  I missed everyone so much, and I didn’t get to see people open the presents we bought for them.  But I was with family in Germany!  Chris and Franny spoiled the crap out of me for Christmas: GREAT food, cool presents, a full stocking with yummy chocolate.  All that is not to mention wonderful company, great kids to hang out with and a fun time all around.  It was the only time I’ve ever spent Christmas outside of the US, and the only time I’ve been away from blood-family, but the family God blessed me with in Germany couldn’t have been better!

Santa was here!

Tired after presents

We had a blast opening presents and then playing with everything after.  Also, what’s Christmas without a few fun movies to lay around and watch?

Franny and Chris made a fantastic spread for dinner and we just got to relax.  Not much better than doing that with family on Christmas!

They also spoiled me by taking me on a bunch of day trips to cool places near their town.  A small town called Monschau sits in a valley in the mountains, and because of its placement, was actually untouched during WWII.  It was gorgeous, especially in the snow, and they’re famous for their mustard.  I ate mustard soup.  It was really good!

Me and Carson in Monschau

I was there for two weeks, and it was much too short of a trip.  Thankfully, Chris and Franny came to see me about a week after I left them, so the party could continue!  And it did…

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