Surrey with a Fringe on the Top

No…wait.  It isn’t that kind of vehicle.  At any rate, at the end of October I got to go on quite the adventure–ATVing around the Egyptian desert.  It was pretty fun!  But, as things in Egypt have tended to go, it didn’t go quite according to plan.

We had first planned on dune-buggying in the desert between the Pyramids at Giza and the Saqqara pyramids before our good friend Lili and her husband moved back to the US.  about 6 hours before we were supposed to leave Rehab to get to the desert (that is, at around 2am) Lili got a phone call from the dune-buggy place asking if we could postpone our trip a couple of hours.  Then, they asked if we could postpone it a full 6 hours and we said no way!  Here’s how that trip ended up:

Manis and Pedis in Rehab

Getting our nails did!

Getting our nails done in Rehab and having lunch!  It was a fun day, but no dune-buggying on Lili’s last weekend here!

Our next attempt was successful.  My friends Natalie and Justin booked the trip to ATV in the desert near the Fayoum, a +/- 2-hour drive from Rehab.  It was a great place!  We got there, lounged by the pool and ate lunch while waiting for our very tardy ATVs.  The reason the manager gave that we had to wait so long was that the ones he wanted us to have were out in the desert at the time and the ATVs available weren’t that great.  He gave those to a different group.  Well, we finally got out and here’s some of what we saw!

View from the Top

Me on my ATV

Me and the desert.

Needless to say, I had a BLAST.  Lili couldn’t come because she was back in the US already, but we were thinking of her!

The desert landscape was beautiful–no buildings as far as the eye could see and blue skies interrupted only by dust kicked up by the wind.

Getting home through Cairo traffic was also interesting.  I have no pictures of that, mainly because we were all hanging on for dear life and praying we would make it home alive.  There were, as always, a couple of close calls on the Ring Road, but we made it!

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