Movin’ on up…to the Middle East side!

So, I just came up with that title about 2 seconds ago.  It’s so hokey even I’m groaning over here.  Anyway, I’ve finally gotten news on a few things and figured out some things as well!  This post is a bit unorganized, as is my preparation for Egypt, so forgive me!

First, I’m leaving the US on August 19th!  Luckily, they found me a flight that leaves from New York–JFK and goes straight to Cairo.  This is good because I don’t have to deal with customs in Europe (probably France or Germany…I’d prefer Germany because they’re so organized) and can fly straight to Cairo.  There are still 2 layovers, but they’re in Atlanta and NYC, so not too bad.  I will be back in the US for my brother’s wedding, the week of August 27th, but then I’m out for good on the 4th of September.

AUC pays for my shipping of things and I have a 660 lb weight-limit.  Since Danny weighs only about 200lbs, that leaves a few pounds for food and a portable heater, and a few of my things too.  Ha ha.  Yeah right.  Luckily, I don’t have a whole lot to ship.  I’ll pack mainly books and papers in my freight, since they furnish an apartment for me, including dishes, linens and pots and pans.  I will likely bring my own sheets and comforter, because my new friend and informant from AUC says those aren’t too nice.

One VERY important piece of information: I CAN BUY PEANUT BUTTER IN THE SUPERMARKET!! To anyone who knows me even a little–which should be all of you–you know that to me, peanut butter is like oxygen.  I was so relieved I didn’t have to bring my own!

Also, thanks to my AUC informant, I found out that the area of Cairo I hope to live in, Al Rehab, is a really nice place with food delivery.  Apparently all restaurants and even the supermarket deliver food!  There’s a lot of local places I’ll want to try, but in times of homesickness, I can get McD’s (which is actually better in Egypt, I’ve found), KFC, Pizza Hut, and even Chili’s.  There are also quite a few malls in the area and it is quite safe to run in the early morning if I choose to do that–which I will.

Egypt is essentially a police state, so police with AK-47s are pretty much ubiquitous, and violent crimes there are very rare.  It’s apparently safer than many American cities.  I’ve been told that verbal harrassment is about the worst it would get in the main city, but in Al Rehab, a mainly Westernized area of town, that is even rare. So, running shouldn’t be a problem.  Swimming, though, is available for women at the pool only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I did find an English-speaking church to go to that is Anglican and not too far from where I will be living.  The strange thing is that since the Muslim holy day is Friday, that’s when most church services are held as well.  Sunday is like the American Monday.  It will take some getting used to, but I look forward to it!

To end this post with a picture:

Hanging out with Molly and Killer!

I hope to find out a few more things about moving, teaching, living this week, so keep an eye out for posts about those!

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1 Response to Movin’ on up…to the Middle East side!

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m so glad you are doing this Sheps!! You always have a way of cracking me up, now you can do it trans-continentally…did I spell that correctly?? Oh well, I’ll be picking a date soon to shoot for a visit and starting the official “countdown”. I can’t wait!!!

    Love and Hugs

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