More things I’ll miss!!

Per Christine Lentz’s instructions (read:demands…”I don’t want a whole lot of words without pictures!” :P), I’m posting some pics of things I’ll miss!!

Swimming with Olivia and Will…and the whole Brackin family all of the time.


Hot ladies from Arrow!  Love you amazing women!

Wonderful women and gentleman from WGS!  You made a great year!!

Danny’s family–they’re awesome.

Can you argue?  AWESOME prime rib and potatoes.  Damn good American food.

More to come, surely.

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2 Responses to More things I’ll miss!!

  1. christine says:

    perfect! thank you!

  2. Julie says:

    Whoa. Okay, when you put it THAT way, with all those fabulous, fun pictures and stuff. . . you sure you want to leave? I’m just sayin’… those pictures all look pretty nice to me. (Especially the fourth one down!!)

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