Pros and Cons about moving…

Lately I’ve been thinking about the good and bad things about leaving Norman, and the US in general.

Cons–despite the obvious, missing family, friends, Danny and Killer–here’s a few I’ve been thinking about:

  • running races!–other than a marathon in Luxor and I think a 1/2 on the Sinai peninsula, there aren’t ANY small races to do!
  • Running outside in general–there may be issues of ability, pollution, safety (keeping my fingers crossed on this one)
  • driving.  A con because I’ll have to depend on the bus and taxis (also a pro, see below)
  • being able to drink straight from the tap
  • availability of peanut butter

Pros–despite the obvious awesomeness of Egypt and a cool job

  • NO torrential down-pours of rain (although the sandstorm is a force to be reckoned with…)
  • NO snow storms to knock out power!
  • NO humidity!!!!
  • lots of food full of protein–lentils, lean meat, Halal beef (yum yum yum!!), eggs, cheese, fresh produce.
  • No driving!  No more stupid people to put up with in traffic.  Now all I have to do is say a prayer before getting in to a bus or taxi, or before crossing the street and hope I don’t get hit.

Surely there are many more things to miss/be thankful for, but given today’s weather and other events, these are the ones I’ve been thinking of.  Any more?

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2 Responses to Pros and Cons about moving…

  1. Amanda! says:

    uh what are you going to do without peanut butter?

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